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  1. Enter the number of rentals your received per billing periodı.
  2. Not necessary, you may enter any sales tax charged for service
  3. Select your plan--Includes Blockbuster, Netflix, and GreenCine
  4. Click the "Calculate" button
  5. Your price per rental will appear in the next box
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Mathematical Definition of Turnaround Time

30.44   = Turnaround Time
Rentals per month

*Given the average number of days per month = 30.4368499
ıI just count the number of rentals received per month.


Say, I rented 11 movies from Blockbuster Online last month.  I enter "11" in the first box.  I subscribe to Blockbuster's 3-at-a-time plan for $19.99/month.  Also, I live in Michigan and Blockbuster adds on 6% sales tax--enter "6" in the next box.  Next, I choose my plan.  I select "3-at-a-time Blockbuster 19.99."

I could work this out with pencil and paper:

$19.99 subscription fee + 6% tax = $21.19
$21.19 / 11 rentals = $1.93 per rental
30.44 days / 11 rentals = 2.8 days turnaround time
11 rentals / 4.35 weeks = 2.5 rentals per week (Given the average number of weeks per month = 4.34812141)

Or, I can click the "Calculate" button and come up with the same information.  You can think of turnaround time as a rate.  In this example, one rental is delivered every 2.8 days for a total of 11 rentals per month.


Since I have all three plans, I like to compare them on a monthly basis.  I have used a calculator in the past except it becomes tedious looking up my plan's price on the Web.  Here, all you need is the number of movies you rented and your sales tax (if applicable).

Program Written by M. Villanueva 
March 15, 2005
Updated January 2, 2008

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